Sorry for lack of updates!

We are sorry for the lack of updates on the site, this was down to website problems.  We are pleased to report that all 3 colonies are progressing well, and most happy to say that the former ‘weakest colony’ that we call Kingham, has made great strides in the last couple of weeks.  indeed, when Harry hefted the 3 hives the other day, he stated that Kingham now felt heavier than Chedworth. 

Melvin was able to see 3 new comb that Kingham have built, as he looked through the viewing window.  Last week we bought some feeding syrup that the professionals use and there was a great surge in activity in all 3 hives .We have a lot of ivy in the vicinity and it is flowering at the moment and the bees love this.We have been told that too much ivy pollen is difficult for bees to process, but we are sure that it is better than no forage at all!  We are also informed that ivy pollen does not make for great tasting honey, but, as we are not harvesting any honey this year, this is not an issue. 

We have acquired top feeders and are in the process of converting all hives to this form of feeding, to prevent the bees being unduly disturbed and to protect Harry’s back, as the hives get heavier!  We may have a month or so before the bees go into ‘winter mode’ and so we will be locating mouse guards and investing in some form of hive insulation for the bees, as we prepare for the bees first winter with us.  Since our last update we had a cosy meeting of the Oxon. natural beekeepers group at our apiary. 

We would like to thank Gareth, Paul and Helen for attending and making it a happy and informative time.  We would once again like to thank Gareth for continuing to mentor us, as we do our best to support our wonderful bees.

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