Six colonies

Last week has been a very busy one for our bees.  On Tuesday, Ducklington colony and Kingham, both cast off and swarmed into a bush very close to the apiary.  Melvin was really pleased to observe this wonderful natural occurrence and Harry and Melvin were able to make the decision to re-capture and re-hive them. 

Harry had used his ‘o’ level woodworking skills to convert two Langstroth hives into living quarters for the two swarms.  One of the casts did, in fact, swarm again, into a bush nearer to Harry’s abode.  It had vacated the Langstroth hive, that had been prepared in the 5 star hotel that is the shed. 

Melvin managed to shake most of the bees gently into a box and  the others followed in, sniffing out their Queen. This time the cast, which is small in number, at present, has taken up residence in the ‘shed’ hive. As of this morning, all six colonies are active. 

We are delighted that Fiona and Tim from ‘ Oxford friends of the Earth have joined us this morning to assist us with our technology and see our bees.  We also have a meeting of the Oxfordshire natural beekeepers group in Oxford this afternoon and so its a real ‘BEE’ day today.

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