Meeting of ONBA sunday, 15th, April at Paul’s in Steeple Aston

As usual, Paul was the perfect host and provided ample and very tasty nibbles for all.  There was a bumper turnout of  members, new and old.  We split into two groups, as we had a visitor, that was Quentin Given, The major Campaign Coordinator, Campaign Specialist team, Friends of the Earth. 

The purpose of this meeting was to highlight the FOTH action plan to revive the British Bees.  Letters had been sent to David Cameron PM asking for his support regarding the banning of neonicotinoids from pestisides.  Disappointingly, Owen Patterson, on our Government’s behalf, made representations to Europe to defeat this proposal, but happily Europe passed this resolution overwhelmingly. 

The ONBA and FOTH are seeking an audience with Mr. Cameron to further discuss these issues.  The always innovative Paul, used Harry to demonstrate the worth of his soon to be patented swarm catcher ( It fitted perfectly over Harry’s head).  New members of the group are actively constructing new hives and have been attracted by our revolutionary bee porches.  Due to the inclement weather patterns, the farmer’s crops have been slow in growing, which has, we believe, advantaged our bees, as they have been foraging safely in local gardens, rather than in the rape seed oil coated crops nearby.  

FOTH have arranged for a photo shoot on Friday, 3rd May, with the local newspapers, to highlight their campaign.  All ONBA members have been invited to attend if they so wish, dressed accordingly.  Harry and Melvin are pleased to say that all 3 colonies appear to bee thriving and finally enjoying the spring weather.  We are presently assembling two Langstroth hives, with foundation, to add to our compliment of hives, in anticipation of the swarming season.

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